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"I'm A Big Kid Now"

Lizz Sawyer on Wednesday, 19 November 2014. Posted in Life After RIT, Residence Life, Student Life

Yep, that's right. Potty training and Pull-Ups were only the beginning. Going from high schools and home to college and on your own is a big step!

I remember how much I wanted to "grow up" in high school. I wanted to be 21, live on my own, be self-sufficient, and get good grades that would eventually land me a job.

Is anyone thinking this right now? I remember how anxious I was to go to college.

Well guess what, it really is awesome! You can't rush life though, so first I will give you some advice: Take advantage of being a kid. Friends you make in high school can last forever if you want them to, so spend time with these friends now. And spend time with your family! There are days now that I wish I could just go home and have dinner made for me and hang out with my family (it's like magic but family gets a lot cooler once you're on your own, I learn to appreciate a lot more), and no matter what family and friends will always be there. So don't rush! I know it's an exciting time, but graduation is right around the corner!

Being self-sufficient does not just mean cooking ramen in the microwave or doing laundry for the first time. At college, you make it what you want it to be. If you want to learn as much as you can, then join clubs and become friends with professors. If you want to make 100 friends (which you will anyway), then you are able to decide who and where to go. But what makes someone go from being a kid to a big kid (or as some call it "young adult") is to make the right decisions. 

College offers a lot of choices for you; academically, socially, environmentally, and so on. You are not confined to campus because we have great bus routes and freshmen can have cars. But even on campus there are a ton of events going on and a lot of people to meet.

College really does turn you into a big kid. Any type of new knowledge makes you grow just a little. Here, you learn a lot about your future and careers and different cultures. You learn who you are and how to create something from nothing.

But just remember: If you're ever too excited about going to college and you just can't wait...think about paying for rent or groceries on your own...not the best part of big kid world.

Overall, college will help you develop into a great person. But halfway through, you'll be looking for internships, co-ops, or jobs. That's when you really learn to grow. At RIT we help students write resumes, find jobs, write cover letters, meet people in the right field, and connect you with alumni who can help. RIT has a HUGE community willing to help. We have RIT Job Zone, many on-campus jobs and great connections with big companies to really help you become the ultimate big kid. 

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