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I scream, you scream

Sarah Alef on Tuesday, 17 April 2007. Posted in Dining, Student Life cream.  As you may or may not know, I'm always on a constant lookout for free/cheap food/things, because I'm a poor college student and can't afford much.  Today was Free Cone Day at our on-campus Ben and Jerry's, and oh man, soooo tasty that I got TWO scoops.  Also of note, our Interfaith Center had their monthly pasta night today, ie I got homecooked dinner for free also.  Anndddd, (as if life could get any better) our bookstore is having a massive sale, and clothing items are marked down up to 70%, meaning I got a sweatshirt for four dollars.  Hooray for cheap! 

On one of my other hooray for cheap quests, one of my friends at Brown introduced me to this AMAZING site.  Let's hear it for!  Not only does this site show you all of the resturants in the area that will deliver to your campus, but it lists prices and order information.  Then, once you click on the little order button, you fill out your order ONLINE (this is a huge bonus for me, since I HATE phones) and they deliver it in a little while.  No phones, no confused Chinese orders, no bungled sentences or specials.  Oh, and did I mention the specials if you order through the site?  Domino's was advertising a medium 1 topping pizza for $1.99 last night!  $1.99!!!!!  Add three dollars for delivery, and you just got a pizza for 5 bucks.  Can't beat that.  I ordered calzones on Sunday night, and they were promptly delivered to my dorm within the hour.  You can pay cash or credit card, and then enjoy your tasty food while basking in the glow of your computer!

On a sadder note, the TVs here are tuned into news about the VT shooting 24-7.  Many students here know people at the school, and we tech schools like to support each other.  I want to know what's happening, but part of me wants the media to leave the issue alone.  I mean, don't people usually prefer to grieve in private?  It just seems like butting into these people's lives is a tad on the unsensitive and obtrusive side. <3