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Richard Rockelmann on Tuesday, 17 February 2009. Posted in Advising & Support

Get to the top of a hill?? NO, its more like lugging little things called projects, tests, and homework on your back for 3 weeks.

Yep, week 10 is here. Thats it, the fun and games are over. We need to button down the hatches and get to that dreaded thing called work.

But, but, there is so many things that are beter to do... you may say. Especially in a place like RIT. 

Iceskating, igloo building, dollar movies and a wide variety of computers stand in the way between you and that "work" you have been avoiding for the past 9 weeks.

For me, its not as bad, however, i still feel the stress slowly creeping upon me..

ALAS, through all of that bad news i just gave you. This does not have to be true for your case. 

Yea it will be tough at times, but if you dont procrastinate like i do.....

4 final exams
4 final projects
math hw
and a practical
THAT I DID NOT START WORKING ON (PS, these i have known about since the first day of class) will do fine...

But, this is another way i am being distracted.. NEED THAT 'A' 

bye for now. :-)