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I wonder if Vermont is colder than Rochester...

Ariel Leitao on Thursday, 22 January 2009. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

Another week has flown by here at RIT.  I absolutely cannot believe that the winter quarter is almost over.  A month or two ago I signed up for the ski/snowboard trip, and the trip is finally this weekend!  A few of my sorority sisters and I are going to Vermont for the weekend to Smuggler's Notch, and I have been counting down the minutes until we leave all day today.  The last time I went snowboarding was over Christmas break, so it's been awhile since I've been able to cruise the slopes.  One thing I'm definitely not looking forward to is the six-ish hour bus ride we will be on to get there.  I would have to say that long bus rides is definitely in my top ten least favorite activities.  At least I'll have my sisters to keep me occupied, I suppose.  Six or seven of us are going, so I'm sure the ride will be lively, even if it takes close to forever.  Also, snacks are included in the deal, and food is always good.  Once we get there, we have Saturday and Sunday to ski, and then we come home Sunday night.  Three of the girls that I'm going with, however, have never snowboarded before, so I'm guessing that will be an adventure all by itself.  Last time I tried to teach someone to snowboard, she fell and broke her wrist on the first trail, so my teaching track record isn't too admirable.  Hopefully they become fantastic in their lesson and won't need any of my help, but the chances of that happening are slim.  Nonetheless, I'm still really excited for the weekend.  One of the student groups here, OCASA (Off Campus and Apartment Student Association), set it up, so there are going to be about a hundred-ish people from RIT there.  From what I've been told, the trip last year was so popular that they added another bus to the trip this year.  The weekend is almost here, but for now I have to pack!