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Ice Sculpting at Freezefest

Becky Drexler on Wednesday, 24 February 2016. Posted in Festivals, Residence Life, Student Life, The Arts

A few weeks into spring semester, the College Activities Board at RIT hosts FreezeFest. What is FreezeFest? FreezeFest is a week-long series of winter-themed events for students to enjoy with tons of free giveaways. Some of the events included Chocolate on Ice, comedians, a showing of a winter-themed movie (this year was Happy Feet), the FreezeFest 5k, and a festival with face painting, cotton candy, popcorn, and caricatures.

This year my friend (and co-worker at admissions), Helen, and I entered the FreezeFest Ice Sculpture Design Contest. Contestants submitted designs to the College Activities Board, who then forwarded them to a professional ice sculptor. The winning designs were picked based on creativity, and practicality. First prize included tickets to the comedian, as well as the excitement of having your designs made into ICE. Runners up received FreezeFest apparel and prizes.

Much to our surprise, Helen and I were announced as two of three winners of the contest!!!! The ice sculptor took some of his favorite parts of our designs and that from a similar design submitted by the other winner and made them into one sweet sculpture. Helen and I exchanged our prize tickets for FreezeFest apparel, which is what we wanted all along. RIT students LOVE FreezeFest apparel. Throughout the days leading up to FreezeFest, CAB will post clues leading to locations of potential giveaways. Within minutes, students form massive lines in the hope of receiving some FreezeFest prizes. Each year, there are usually hats, gloves, shirts, and another couple of varying prizes. This year, the special prizes were FreezeFest mugs and blankets. I've waited in numerous lines, in the hopes of receiving a hat or shirt. Finally, I have some gear I can call my own.

Here are some pictures of me and Helen and the final ice sculpture.