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if i'm conscious, i'm hungry: pickle nick's

Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 09 August 2008. Posted in Dining, Rochester & Monroe County

be warned...i started writing blog entries thursday (you know, rather than studying) and only just now am i getting a chance to type this stuff up. happy reading!!

my cubicle-mate cat and i have come up with an informal list of things we should do before we graduate from RIT this spring. pretty much somebody brings something up and we realize that we have not experienced this rochester-area phenomenon. most recently (and the only one we've been able to cross off our list) is pickle nick's.

pickle nick's is a small little sandwich shop on jefferson road, not even a full minute away from RIT's campus. i've heard pretty good things about it so on thursday, cat and i went there for our lunch break. the outside is a little dated but it looks like the inside was renovated recently. the staff was extremely friendly. everything is made right there and while we were waiting, the staff chatted with us a bit. cat just got a sub with a drink and of course, a GIANT pickle. i got a hot combo which is a small hot sandwich (plenty of sandwich right there), a side (i picked mac salad), and a drink. my total came to $8. not too bad. plus, i had leftovers!

both our meals were very enjoyable and we definitely plan on going back again. the only thing we found disappointing was that they do not accept tiger bucks. one of the employees told us that he had been asking RIT for four years but nothing had happened yet. he said maybe we could talk them into it, so i wrote a letter to dining services and some one responded almost immeadiately telling me the person that i really needed to speak with was on vacation but she would forward the message along to him.

so quick rundown: pickle nick's = close by, amazing food. RIT = lets students make changes. both are good things.