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Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 31 October 2007. Posted in Athletics, The Arts

sometimes people assume things about RIT because we have the word technology in our name. i first learned this even BEFORE i came here when i'd tell people where i planned on going to college (and what i planned on doing there) and would get the following response: "you're going to a tech school for photography?" granted, i live far away and everybody else who went to RIT had gone for something computer or engineering related.

i'm in singers. i'd also be in band if i had the time, but i'm a busy person. when i tell some students that, CURRENT RIT STUDENTS, they look at me and go "we have a music program??" YES YES YES WE DO. we don't have any music majors but we do offer a music minor and a bunch of options including (but not limited to) singers, band, jazz ensembles, a capella groups, and a gospel choir.

but that's not my point. this thursday and friday we are *drumroll* having auditions for *another drumroll* A MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh so pumped. the musical we are doing is called "on the 20th century". so yeppers auditions are this week and the show will be performed at the end of january. *does happy dance* did i mention i'm excited??

sarah already wrote about the hockey game, so you can read the details there. all i have to say is that i have a friend who goes to cornell and a few days before the game, he asked me if i was going to the game to watch cornell hand our you-know-whats to us on a platter. as the game progressed, i texted him with updates. i finished the night by posting a picture on facebook of the final score and tagging him as cornell's one goal.

i've always been a hockey fan. my high school had a decent hockey program and while we didn't have a rink at our school, we had a minor league team in the next town over and that was our home rink. my friends and i went to all the game, even the away games. this was before the days of laws limiting the number of passengers in a car when you first got your license, so junior year on, we'd out as many people in cars as there were seatbelts and head out. even in high school, i was always busy, so i'd have my friends picking me up from play rehearsal to go to games. i mentioned earlier that i love musicals and singing and dancing and all that jazz. well -- let me put it this way. while we were doing "oklahoma" my junior year, there were seperate dance auditions. i missed those to go to hockey. one of the away games we went to was on a wednesday night and it was like an hour and forty five minutes away. we went. it was epic. however, one of my friends (and also my lab partner in chemistry) was on the team and i noticed he wasn't at the game. the next day in class i asked him why he had missed it and he said, "manda! we have a chem test today! i had to stay home and study!" then he said, " were there??" i even wrote my college essay about hockey. and from the game!!


national anthem, waving our keys to tell cornell to start the busses, and THE FINAL SCORE.

some amazing costumes i saw this halloween include: batman, my boss, bob ross, one of my co-workers being another one of my co-workers, snakes on a plane samuel l jackson, the guy from publisher's clearing house, and so many others, i just can't remember them all.

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happy halloween!!