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I'm ALWAYS Hungry

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 26 January 2009. Posted in Dining

My nomination for 2008's Food of the Year is the taco. Tacos are (for the most part) cheap, delicious, and filling. Sometimes, they can even be healthy. Luckily for RIT students, there are plenty of places they can obtain tacos to celebrate the food of the year.

Tacos are a staple at the RITZ, located in the lower level of the SAU. While they maybe not be the best tacos to ever grace the earth, they are the most convenient. For a quick meal, I usually grab the Ultimate Taco which has melted nacho cheese in between two soft shells and your choice of filling. They have pulled pork available for burritos but if the person working is nice/not afraid of getting yelled at/doesn't know any better, you can get them to put pulled pork in your ultimate taco. My favorite thing there though is the taco salad. The tacos are under $2 each and I think the taco salad is between $4 and $5. You can pay for these with your meal plan too!!

John's Tex-Mex Eatery (formerly known as Taco John's)
John's Tex-Mex Eatery is located in downtown Rochester at the corners of South and Alexander (about 10 min away). Earlier today, Lauren and I went there for lunch. I got two tacos, she got a plate of chips and guacamole. Total, with tip, tax, and all came to $10. Plus, the tacos were so huge, I took one of them home for leftovers. And I don't think Lauren finished her chips. Basically, the food is cheap and the servings are plentiful. The tacos were also really good. Everything seemed very fresh!

Taco Bell
Last but not least, there is always Taco Bell. Sometimes you just need the heart attack on a plate. I only know of one Taco Bell near me at home and it's kind of in a sketchy neighborhood, meaning I never went. Up here, there's a Taco Bell in the mall food court, YAY! Plus, as if the mall isn't close enough, there is a full size Taco Bell on Jefferson Road. This often becomes a late night snack for my friends and I.

So fear not, taco lovers! You can get PLENTY of tacos here in Rochester.