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I'm Going to Italy!

Emily Okey on Thursday, 18 November 2010. Posted in Study Abroad

Fall Quarter is finally wrapping up although I have two finals left until I’m officially done. I have a pretty exciting and packed thanksgiving break ahead so I can’t wait to be finished.

About three weeks ago the CIAS honors program decided to go to a conference in Treviso, Italy and they wanted to bring some students with them. That happened in the thick of the quarter so after agreeing to go on the trip (which, let’s just say, was not decision I lost sleep over) I didn’t really have anytime to think about it.

...until this week.

We had our final planning meeting yesterday where we discussed travel arrangements, logistics and conference details... which made me finally realize I’M LEAVING FOR ITALY. Weird. I still don’t think I’m going to quite believe it until I get on that plane but at least I’ve started thinking about what to bring, etc.

There are 5 of us going plus one faculty member. The CIAS honors program is pretty awesome in that not only do they find us cool spring break experiences (I’m going to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA in March) but they also find conferences like this. I don't know all of the details about the conference yet but I'm sure I'll figure that out pretty quickly.


[building where the conference takes place]

Friday after thanksgiving I’ll be flying from Milwaukee, WI to Rochester and then the next day we’re flying out of Rochester through JFK to Venice Italy!

The only downside of this whole thing is that I’m missing the entire first week of classes, which in a quarter system with 10 weeks is not an entirely great plan. Luckily, professors have been really accommodating and have agreed to give me assignments beforehand and work around this slight inconvenience. Pretty nice, huh? We’re flying back in around midnight on Sunday before week two so on top of missing classes and being behind I’m going to be majorly jetlagged. But that's not a very big downside and it will be so worth it!

Follow me on Twitter @RIT_Emily or continue checking the blogs over break-- I’m going to try to post more about the trip. Who knows, if I can find internet in Italy, you might see some pictures!