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I'm graduating...Yay?

Sarah Alef on Sunday, 26 April 2009. Posted in Advising & Support, Life After RIT

I chose RIT because it had a biotech program, a Russian language program, and a Division III swim team.  When I graduated high school in the class of 2006, I figured that like most of my peers, I would graduate from college in four years.  Well...things change.  A lot.  Last spring I realized that if I worked really hard and pushed myself, I could graduate a whole year early.

So here I am, spring 2009.  I'm graduating a year early from college.  On the upside, I'm saving myself (and my parents) quite a chunk of change.  On the other hand, I picked a really bad year to graduate in terms of the economy, not to mention that I probably haven't really enjoyed college to its fullest extent.  So...when people ask me if I would recommend accelerating through college, I can't honestly say I would.  

In exchange for graduating early, I sacrificed a lot in terms of experiences and health, that first year especially, and even to this day I still have not done a lot of things you would expect of a college senior.  So, my advice to you: Take your time.  Focus on doing a few things well, rather than taking 23 credits just to "get done." (I DO NOT EVER recommend going above 20.  Trust me on this.  I got myself fantastically sick with shingles) Take the time to enjoy the other aspects of college besides academia, and treasure every silly random road-trip you take with your friends.  Four years goes by so fast, and three years even faster.  So in honor of graduation (high school or college) and nostalgia, I'm giving you a list of things you should do/attend before you graduate RIT, in no particular order:

1) Taste of RIT
2) Innovation Festival
3) Spring Carnival
4) MudTug (and not just watching :-D )
5) Diwali Festival
6) QuadFest (ResLife Quads)
7) Liliac Festival in Highland Park
8) A-cappella concerts (at least one 8 Beat Measure one)
9) Attend an off-Broadway play in downtown Rochester
10) Go wine tasting in the Finger Lakes (45 minute drive, classy 21st birthday celebration)
11) Drive to Buffalo for real buffalo wings, and go see Niagara Falls
12) Sledding at Ellison Park
13) Investigate random restaurants off of RocWiki
14) Thursday night movie in Ingle Auditorium
15) Free cone day - April 21st 
16) Humans vs. Zombies
17) Eat a burger from 5 Guys
18) Have a garbage plate from Nick Tahoe's
19) Learn to sign platypus, turtle, and other useless animals
20) Learn to actually use sign language
21) Purchase an RIT sweatshirt
22) Lose at least 3 socks in the laundry, and bleach something inadvertently 
23) Check out Java's in downtown Rochester
24) Public Market  - downtown Rochester
25) Take the bus to the mall, in order to walk to Wegmans
26) Celebrate Pi Day - with actual pie
27) Bike down the Erie Canal Trail
28) Play hide- and go seek in buildings 7A and 7B on a weekend
29) Utilize the hot tub for destressing before finals
30) Learn all the words to awesome songs to sing late at night - Piano Man, Bohemian Rhaps, etc
31) Play a practical joke on your roommate at least once
32) Have a snowball fight and pretend it's an intergalactic war
33) Watch all 3 LOTR movies (extended versions) in a row.
34) Refuse to go outside one weekend, travel the tunnels everywhere
35) Go to Wal-Mart after midnight
36) Eat a super super late night breakfast at Denny's with your floor  - past 3 am at least
37) Pull one all nighter for no particular reason, not just homework
38) Attend an on campus concert
39) Attend an RIT Hockey Game - and watch them WIN!!!!
40) Learn the words to Corner Crew chants - I <3 3 Blind Refs
41) Go to class in an awesome Halloween costume
42) Learn to acquire at least half your weeks meals in free food
43) Get an on campus job that provides you with free food
44) Lose your ID, but refuse to replace your ID picture from freshman year - where you look 12
45) Play Apples to Apples in a random building
46) Eat Surf n'Turf at the Commons on Debit Burning Night
47) Participate in Tunnel Olympics
48) Become throughly addicted to Facebook - if you weren't already
49) Attend at least one RIT sponsored school dance, esp if you're a girl :-)
50) Study Abroad somewhere!!!!

I haven't done all of these, but most of them I have participated in at one time or another.  If you have any questions, or wish to offer me employment, please feel free to email me! To all you seniors, good luck on your decision making as we approach the final deadline of May 1st!!!