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i'm in connecticut!

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 21 June 2007. Posted in Student Life

oh seriously??? ughhh i hate when i do that. i hit the back button accidently and have to rewrite what i wrote so far. lame. luckily, it wasn't that much. i swear, MY LIFE is klutzy. 

so in case you missed the subject line, i'm now in connecticut. woo! the trip down was completely uneventful and went perfectly. of course now. as with everything in my life, something went wrong. not too bad this time though. 

PRESENTING: manda attempts a road trip.

my big plan was to leave tuesday at noon, getting into connecticut just in time for dinner. i woke up nice and early, seven in the morning. i didn't feel so hot, so i just sort of bummed around the house playing around on the computer for a bit. by the time i was showered and dressed and ready to face the world, it was already 11:30. my facing the world consisted of me going up to the school to meet my bf on his lunch break. after that, i got gas ($3.03 at BJ's YAYYY). so i drive back to the house and get out of the car. i stand there, looking around the car thinking about how i'm going to get all my stuff in it. it's not so much a matter of "will it fit?" since i drive a tank, but more of "gee, how is weakling me going to drag and lift my 45 pound suitcase and 48 pound duffle bag into this car?" then (leans to the left, cupping ear) what's that i hear? THUNDER. not cool. thunder and lighting sort of scare me. a lot. i've actually gotten a lot better in the past year but by "a lot better" i mean i no longer burst into tears in the presence of strangers during storms. i go inside, take a peak at the radar only to see GIANT BRIGHT RED THUNDERSTORM OF DOOM headed towards me. oh crap. at this moment, i think a cartoon or three stooges episode could better demonstrate how the next ten minutes went. it would be shown sped up for humor, me running around the house, throwing things in my bags and then sitting on them to close them, and finally lugging them out into the car. the film would resort back to normal speed to show me next to the car sort of wiping my hands and smiling thinking "YAY beat the storm!" all i had left to do was go to the bathroom and put myself and one small bag in the car and GO and just get ahead of the storm. i come out of the bathroom and it's pouring. nice. so i'm standing around thinking "gee what can i do? i know, i'll watch tv" when the POWER GOES OUT. i was not a happy camper. finally it calmed down and hour later and i peaced. does the story end here?? of course not. i'm driving along the thruway when i see lightning in the distance. *whimper* i drove through FOUR different storms. very not cool. we'll see what happens on my trip back.

luckily, i arrived "home" (my best friends' house) safe and sound. i was kind of gross from driving and i didn't really want to do anything but i was hungry and elena and ange were hungry so we went to bruno's, our wonderful hometown pizza joint, which is also where half the people i went to high school with hang out and it's not exactly the half i wanted to see so yeah some awkward reunions there. i kind of hate awkward moments too so after the most embarassing of them all (which involved ange getting up from the table and running into the bathroom to hide from somebody because that's so stealth, right?) we finally left. 

it's been nice being back and seeing people (the people i want to see that is). some of my friends are joking about my nomad status. i've turned the trunk of my car into my closet. like, people thought it was bad that i had sweat pants, jeans, two pairs of sneakers, a hoody, and all my makeup in the car in high school. i showed my friend dana my trunk which has ALL MY CLOTHES neatly folded in piles based on what the item is (jeans, shorts, skirts, tshirts, etc) and she was like "this is sad, but i sort of envy you." it works. this is definitely the most interesting summer i've ever had.

one thing i'm REALLY pumped for is JUNE 29TH. iphone comes out at 6 pm and i'm totally going to my former place of employment to hang out with all my still-working buddies and see this thing. anybody planning on buying one right away?? i'm waiting til this winter when i have some more money. a few of my friends are getting theirs right away and while i'm jealous, i'm glad i'll get to play with one before i buy one. in other apple related news, elena got a red nano and i'm jealous. but i remembered that when my ipod dies, i have another one, still new in the box to use. also, i need to take my computer in to finally get fixed today. i hope they don't have to keep it too long, i need the latch repaired again. my mom broke it over christmas break last year and then last summer my computer took a little trip from the table to the floor and i brought it in, but the part didn't come in until the day after i went back to rochester. it's going to be weird having a working computer again.

hmm just got a voice mail but my phone never rang... weird. well, time to go check that and do some shopping. toodles.