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I'm making another entry about food

Stacy Kowsz on Tuesday, 24 April 2007. Posted in Dining

I recommend Java Wally's (RIT"s on campus coffee shop located in the library)


1) rightfully first and foremost: quality food and drink
My personal recommendation is what they call "Health" Cookies.  Of course, surely not healthy for you since it is a cookie, I still recommend it, and it's nice of them to pretend it's good for me.  I can tell you it's definitely delicious; maybe they should just call it "Delicious" Cookie.  I might never have cravings to eat any other kind of cookie again

2) couches
For sitting/sleeping/talking/working/wasting time

3) mood
RIT student artwork on the walls=sometimes good, sometimes terrifying, always interesting
music=usually some good music
Additionally, you are sitting in a room that is connected to the library, and I feel that such close proximity to the library just automatically makes me more studious.