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i'm next

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 09 June 2008. Posted in Faculty, Life After RIT

i was at a family gathering over the weekend. my cousin chris just graduated college a few weeks ago and all my relatives kept reminding me that i'm next. thanks grandma. i really need to be reminded of the impending "real world" during my last summer vacation.

normally, i associate "last year of college" with "figure out what you are doing with your life and get a real job" but on the car ride home, i didn't once think about that. maybe the heat was messing with me. it was a nice change though. instead, i was thinking "have i done everything i wanted to do in college?"

college is this great time where you are pretty much on your own but you aren't burdened with the 9-to-5 yet. yeah, there's the hard school part but every so often you need a break from that. i didn't set too many official goals of things i wanted to do at RIT. in fact, the only one i ever stated started as a joke. when i first saw the sentinel (large sculpture in the middle of campus) i said "i'm gonna climb that thing." i have not climbed the sentinel....yet. who knows. however i HAVE: rode the tiger, rode the margaret's house horse (campus safety made me get off), and climbed the field house.

disclaimer: please don't do things that might get you hurt or campo called on you.

besides climbing things, i've explored rochester quite a bit and am still discovering things. i've worked two amazing jobs at school, admissions at the cage. i also worked an amazing job when i went home one summer - the apple store! i've also taken some amazing classes with equally amazing professors. two that stand out would be writing with rebecca housel and special effects photography with andy davidhazy. actually, yesterday i got an email from professor davidhazy with a link to some of our work from the quarter. here it is:   outside the classroom, i've made some great friends and was even in the RIT musical after i nagged players to do one for two years.

there are stil some things i want to do before i graduate. every time i look at the list of available courses, i find something new that i want to take. i just don't have enough time. same for study abroad. can i have another four years please? i also want to do another musical!! it was so much fun. some other things -- make the dean's list some more. climb the sentinel....kidding.

alright. i'm outskee and hoping my car hasn't been towed from two hour parking. peace.