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Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 07 November 2007. Posted in Student Life, The Arts

supposedly, it snowed today. people kept telling me about it, but i never saw it.

and i just wrote a really long entry about the end of the quarter BUT i switched wireless networks so apparently i got logged out??? lame.

long story short --

the quarter is ending.
i'm busy.
the musical is starting.
swing dance class is ending.
so i'm going to dress up and go nuts tomorrow.
we're about to start christmas carols in singers.
did i mention the musical???

we had auditions, i'm in the ensemble and our first rehearsal is sunday and i think the only thing that could possibly make me happier is winning the lottery.

other things i'm excited for: tonight's gossip girl episode and going to bed before three am. yesss.

longer entry next week when i have TIME. and hopefully firefox won't boot me.