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Imagine RIT: The Best and Brightest

Tanner Newcomb on Wednesday, 11 April 2012. Posted in Alumni, Athletics, Clubs, Festivals, Innovation, Research, Student Life, The Arts

Back in the day when I was a prospective student, one of the things I remember most is all the hype that came along with Imagine RIT - our campus' innovation and creativity festival. My first time attending the event as a freshman was amazing! 

The event is a chance for all students, faculty, and departments to showcase the work they've put their hearts into for the past academic year. To steal a quote from the webpage:

"Visitors experience the breadth and depth of RIT through interactive presentations, hands-on demonstrations, exhibitions, and research projects set up throughout campus. Inflatables, games and multiple performance stages..."

Last year the event drew over 20,000 visitors in just a single day, truly an amazing turnout.  

For more info, check out the official webpage here. The webpage has an awesome feature called "Plan your day" where you can make a customized itinerary of all the events you want to see, and where to find them. You can also subscribe to the Facebook page here! Oh yeah, and Twitter: @imagine_rit

For all you accepted students, this is a fabulous way to get involved and see what RIT really has to offer. I encourage you to check it out, and maybe make a trip to Rochester in May to experience the magic firsthand. I hope to see ya there! 

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