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Imagine RIT: Week Nine

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 06 May 2009. Posted in Student Life

Apparently time has been passing by more quickly than Irealized because I was under the impression I blogged last week. Oops!

We're halfway through week nine which mean only a week and a half left inthe quarter and then a week of finals. Last week was rather ridiculously busybut I made it through the week! I was also struggling with pretty bad allergieslast week (and this week too). I ended up breaking down and going to theStudent Health Center (which I would almost never do) to see what the heck waswrong because I completely lost my voice on Tuesday but they told me it wasjust allergies and it would go away eventually. It was my first time at thehealth center and I would definitely go back if I ever need them again. Theywere super helpful in setting up an appointment and they were really friendlythroughout the whole check-up. Of course, due to it being allergies theycouldn’t really do anything for me but I got my voice back and I’ve beengradually feeling better! 

This past weekend was Imagine RIT, an innovation festival on campus. The weather turned out to be gorgeous and I think I heard somewhere that there were nearly 25,000 people on campus!! My roommate and I volunteered for most of the day in the Welcome tent behind the Library so if you were there, you might have seen us! Basically the entire campus was filled with really awesome exhibits and things to do. After our volunteer shift we wandered around building 7 (the art building) looking at various things. We also got to watch Eight Beat Measure perform! Later that afternoon we headed over to the newest quad (which doesn't even have a name yet) to watch Jack Swift (another band) play. That one was pretty cool because they actually took papers or topics that their professors had researched and turned them into songs!! Unfortunately, I have no pictures from the day because I have not been smart enough to walk around with my camera lately. I finally remembered-- after four weeks-- to plug in my camera battery so maybe i'll get some this weekend! 

This next weekend is Spring Festival which I've heard is pretty cool, but I can't tell you anything about it yet because I've never been! I'll save that for next week :) 

I only have 3 tests, 5 projects and 1 paper until the quarter is over!! (It's slightly less intimidating than you might imagine, I have most of the 5 projects under control).