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Imagine RIT

Alissa Anderson on Monday, 21 June 2010. Posted in Clubs, Community Service, Faculty, Life After RIT, RIT Mission, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life, The Arts

Through my blogging experience I think some followers mayhave noticed an evolution in my blogging style. In the winter I was really proudof my addition of photos to blogs… sounds easy but it took me FOREVER to figure out how to get the photos into my blogs (cough obviously not a photo student). In addition to photos I have also figured out how to add VIDEO to my blogs (thanks to fellow ambassador Emily Okey), and it is my new obsession.

In the spirit of my newfound glory I have been scoping out the youtube scene for media clips to liven up my entries. Today I ran into thisclip from WROC-TV regarding the letter from Dr. Destler to President Obama inviting him to Image RIT.

I have to admit, when I first watched the clip I was very confused why Obama had been invited, but then I remembered my mom tried to invite the President of her time to her wedding… “just for kicks and giggles”….so I thought Dr. D was doing the same. However the newscaster went on to explain that Obama’s campaign stands for innovation and green energy – which is exactly what Imagine RIT is all about. So props to Dr. D for sending the invite, and maybe we will have the Whitehouse to Rochester next year J



Imagine RIT is a festival held every May in honor of RIT’sdedication to innovation and creativity. The festival lasts for 3 days and ispacked with presentations, projects, interactive displays, food, games, music….etc.It is a fun way to honor the hard work of the students and ignite innovation feverin the community.  Here is a clip about the festival: 



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