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Immersion Time

Nirav Sanghvi on Wednesday, 17 June 2015. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors

I picked my major for undergraduate studies with barely any difficulties, whereas I’ve had friends who were undecided their freshmen and sophomore year and had to go through a lot of explorative initiatives to figure out what they want to do with their lives. For me, it was as if I started reading something that interests me and I keep reading until it interests me no more. So far my major has kept me interested and curious. Selecting an immersion was not as easy though, especially with the overwhelming long list of immersions offered at RIT.

An immersion is a concentration of three courses in a particular area. These courses are used to meet RIT's general education requirements. Three weeks ago, I declared my immersion as advertising and public relations. Originally I decided to go with with international relations, but there was no particular reason behind it. I wanted it to be something different from my major.  Plus, some of the courses appealed to me just by their names such as “Terrorism and Political Violence” or “Human Rights in Global Perspective,” et cetera. I have never really been exposed to such topics on study basis. The immersion seemed very promising and had my curiosity, however several weeks later I changed my major from Marketing to New Media Marketing, which is basically the same program with more hands-on learning with modern technology and tools. This is when I decided to go with advertising and public relations as my immersion. Contrary to what I was thinking earlier, turns out I've already taken 2 courses that fits this immersion. I felt it was the right decision because advertising and PR offers more opportunity to improve and work on areas that would really help me in the long-term. For example, courses like “Campaign Management & Planning” or “Copywriting and Visualization” would prepare me better for the fast changing marketing environment out there and also improve my verbal, visual, and writing skills.

Advertising and Public Relations is the right fit for me at this point of my career. In addition, I can easily make my immersion into a minor by taking couple more communication courses. I still haven't decided if I'm going to do so, but it is good to know that this kind of flexibility is available from the College of Liberal Arts (COLA).