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in case you missed it...

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 06 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

here's a little re-cap of college and careers:

bottom row (kneeling) - dawn, sarah, tiffani, carline, cynthia, jackie
middle row (leaning over) - kris, rebecca, laurel, mikey, pooja, stacy, brian
back row (standing, either on ground or in the air) - amanda, kevin matt, amanda, andrew, alek, cat

working college and careers is definitely the highlight of working summers at admissions. it is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun. so here's the crazy crew before 650something students showed up.

so what made check in and night time activities incredibly amusing? oh i don't know, MAYBE RITCHIE THE TIGER, THE RIT MASCOT.

the mentalist!!
robert channing is a mind reader and he is pretty amazing. i honestly don't know how he does it. in the above picture, he had the two student volunteers gather random objects from the audience and he guessed what they were while his eyes were DUCT TAPED SHUT. another part, he had people write down certain things on an index card. the funniest thing they ever experieced, a question they had, etc. he then was able to call out people in the audience and tell them about their experiences. it wasn't like john edwards where he goes "i'm thinking of the letter j" like he actually said the full names of people.

survivor challenge!!
to pump up some school spirit, we split the students into three teams, orange, black, and white and had them do a few...simple...tasks. they included a pie eating contest (pretty self-explanatory), a potato race (a relay race that involved carrying potatos in between your legs), and a memory challege (the teams were shown a completed puzzle and they had to do it), and much more.

friday night!!
friday night there was TONS to do. swimming in the pool (or chillin in the hot tub), playing all sorts of games in the ritz from jenga to DDR, riding a MECHANICAL BULL (i didn't get to try, boo), a psychic, a dance party, and we were showing the movie "talladega nights".

saturday there were sessions for the students and presentations and tours for the parents. everybody i talked to said they had a great time.

and one last thing that is pretty epic...