Interested in Sororities?

Christina Brooks on Thursday, 15 March 2012. Posted in Clubs, Fraternity / Sorority Life

Coming in as a freshman last year, I never thought I'd ever in my life join a sorority. However, I came to find out that Greek life here at RIT is the exact opposite from what I thought Greek life was like. I thought it'd be like Legally Blonde or Old School, but it's nothing like that (still hilarious movies though)!  The Greek chapters here at RIT not only focus on friends and the social aspects, but do tons on philanthropies and activities around campus. I was impressed by how active the Greek community was on campus and realized I wanted to be apart of it.

This past fall I rushed the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha. I love it so far and get involved in it as much as I can. I'm currently the co-philanthropy chair and we have some really great events planned for the spring that I'll be blogging about as they come up! The girls are great and are some of my best friends. The soroities here are incredibly inviting and are really great girls! Each one has it's own personality and all have great philanthropies they raise money for.

This spring the sororities are having formal recruitment! This is when all of the sororities have recruitment during the second week of spring quarter under the College Panhellinic Council (CPC), which is the governing board over the soroities on campus with members from every chapter on the board. Girls have the chance to visit every sorority and meet its members. This will help the girls narrow down their choices till they find the sorority they feel they belong in.  Here's the CPC website for more information on sorority life!   (

There are tons of ways to get involved on campus other than Greek life too! Clubs are a great way to not only get involved, but to also meet people. Also having a job on campus gets you active in RIT and you get paid.

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