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Interviews galore!

Joe Conley on Friday, 17 February 2006. Posted in Advising & Support, Co-op

Me in a suit!So I have an interview tomorrow for Sensis Corporation in Syracuse, NY tomorrow morning, an Interview with Microsoft for their Intern Program next week sometime here on campus, and with Lockheed Martin on March 20th in Moorestown, NJ if I choose to go.

Tomorrow's interview is at 9:15AM, and Syracuse is about 90 minutes away, so I'll be getting up at approx. 5:30 to get there on time.

The interview with Lockheed would be on a school day, so I'd have to miss two classes, and take a plane or bus down to NJ. But they have said that they would reimburse me for the the cost of the trip, so I'm certainly considering it.

The funny thing is that since Sensis and Lockheed are defense corporations, the job positions I'm interviewing for are classified, so I'm taking a lot of time out of my day to interview for positions that I'm not even entirely sure I'm interested in because I don't know what they entail. But oh well, it'll be fun.

[Update @ 2/20/06 7:40PM] Add to that list an interview with Apple for a Campus Rep position here at RIT. The real kicker? It's on the same day, same place as the Microsoft interview, back to back.