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Introducing Pretty Bricks

Lizz Sawyer on Friday, 06 March 2015. Posted in Visiting RIT, Admissions Process, International Students, Innovation, Life After RIT, Orientation, Residence Life, RIT Behind The Scenes, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life, The Arts, Transfer Students

Decision letters are right around the corner for most schools. Soon you will be picking your new home for the next four years and you will probably be looking into every little detail about each school (which is smart)!

There are many students who get accepted to RIT but have never been able to visit campus. And of course there are rivalries between students at competing schools and rumors are sometimes thrown around. 

One rumor about RIT is that it has an "ugly campus," and I obviously put that in quotes because I personally disagree. So for the students that have heard this rumor and for those who haven't yet made it to campus, we are launching a new campaign called Pretty Bricks to highlight how beautiful, amazing, modern, and homey our campus truly is. 

We call it our Ugly Campus Rebuttal to the world and we will be sharing how amazing our campus actually is with photographs through social media using the hashtag: #prettybricks.

Follow this hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see what beautiful pictures come out of it. We also invite anyone on campus to share their favorite places and use that hashtag too. Our campus has 1,300 acres so I'm sure there are many places still yet to be explored. We hope this campaign will help students see how awesome RIT's campus is. There are so many new and modern buildings going up, and nature surrounding us! 

So be sure to watch for the hashtag #prettybricks on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in Spring!