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It's Been 3 Months Already?

Jacob Sachs on Tuesday, 23 August 2011. Posted in Co-op

Wow. I need to stop for a minute and take a look around me. It is amazing to see that I am already almost halfway done with my 6-month co-op with Ocean Spray. This week, I will be back at RIT to work New Student Orientation, which will officially mark my Summer quarter being over and the beginning of fall. This also means when I come back, after Labor Day (the only Labor Day I will not be in school or work for my college career), I will have less than 3 months remaining in my first co-op experience.

There is already so much that I have done and learned during my co-op experience, I feel that the amount of projects I have completed or are currently working on could be a more than reasonable amount for 6 months, yet I am only halfway done. And that is the best part about it, I know I have another 3 months left to get so much more done.

The best experience of these first 3 months that I am going to miss the most is having so many other interns around, some close to me in age, and some much older, in graduate school for their M.B.A's and Ph.D's. Although none of them were directly collaborating with me in Packaging, there was still new friendships built from being the "young guys" at the corporate office. Before the rest of them left, we did actually manage to get a group photo of everyone next to the old truck out front (see below). I have become friends with many of these people and hope to continue to stay connected, even though all of them are going back to school and I will be here through the fall. And that is when I realize that after this week, I will be the only intern in the building, which will be a different experience.

With the leaving of the other interns and the end of Summer, so too comes the end of Summer hours, so it will truely become a full work week since Fridays will be full days beginning the week I come back. Though this also means I get a little more sleep in the morning, since we start later. Once this time change takes effect, I believe that I will get the true experience of working a full work week in the corporate world. 

During the last few weeks, one of the best highlights was seeing where Ocean Spray's business truely comes from, the bogs. All of the interns got to go on a bog tour, seeing multiple bogs of all different sizes from some of the more than 750 grower-owners of the business. The unique part of Ocean Spray is just that, the fact that the cranberry growers and families are the ones that own the business. Some of the bogs I saw are pictured below. To the common eye, the photos will just look like fields because we are not in the harvest season yet. Hopefully I will get to visit more bogs during the harvest and if I do, I will be sure to share what I see with all of you.

Well for now, it is time to get back to work for me here at Ocean Spray, but if you have any more questions about my co-op experience or co-op in general feel free to ask me anytime!

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