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It's CRUNCH Time!

Jacob Sachs on Thursday, 11 October 2012. Posted in Co-op

Hey there!

It has been a little while since I blogged, so here is where I am as of now:

Currently I have about 5-6 weeks until my co-op is over, and I am moving back up to Rochester for the rest of the school year. But mentally, I only have about 4 weeks left. That's because in about 4 week's time, I will be giving my final presentation 2 different times. My presentation is a synopsis of my work here at Unilever during my co-op; what I have worked on, what I have accomplished, and what I have learned.

This will be a 15-20 minute presentation that I am giving. First I will present to the packaging team here and then I will be presenting at the other Unilever office in Trumbull, CT to other people within the department and others, including directors and other high-level employees.

So putting this into perspective, I have even less than 4 weeks to be finished with what I am working on, as I will be preparing and concentrating on my presentation in the days leading up to giving it each time. So what does that mean when it comes to my work and projects? You guessed it by the title, CRUNCH time.

Just like students during the quarter get busy when it comes to the last few weeks, as we prepare for exams, finals, finishing projects, and everything else; I will be going through the same thing on co-op.

Just instead of a test or exam on paper for a final, it will be a presentation where I need to be ready for any questions that get asked on the spot. Instead of finishing projects for a grade, I am finishing some and transitioning others that still need work for a business, and potentially for future employment.

At some point I do have to turn the priority of my attention to this presentation, but even when that time comes, I still have to be available for my regular commitments within this role. It's not like there is a one day time that I can just say "I'm done working on this". That doesn't happen until the day I leave and move back to school. And in the days leading up to that, there will be lots of critical meetings, 1:1's, and transitioning that occurs between me and the engineers that I have been working with.

Some of these projects are ones that once I am gone, have to be put on the shoulders of another engineer. And these are things added onto the already full plate that all of them have already.

So I don't think that the last few weeks of co-op is going to be smooth sailing and easy with responsibilities becoming less by the day. For me, the CRUNCH time is just getting started and won't be done until after I leave. Don't get me wrong, it is and will be enjoyable and a blast every step of the way, but it will also be quite the rollercoaster.

For now I need to get back into the theme park that is co-op and get in line for my last turn on the coaster, its going to be a fast paced 6 week long journey to come.

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