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Italian Adventures: Part I

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 08 December 2010. Posted in Study Abroad

I noticed that there is a major difference between being cold in Italy and being cold in Rochester. 

In Italy, you are expected to maintain a certain amount of attractiveness while still bundling up. In Rochester, however, you are able to do just about anything to get warm and people will understand why you're walking around looking like an eskimo. Want to wear three pairs of pants here? Go for it. 

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I was not completely crushed about returning to the US. Maybe the only reason. 

Remember my post about coffee? Yeah, Italy's is better. So good in fact that you feel the need to drink 3 cups every morning and then take about 15 coffee breaks throughout the day (which, luckily, is a very popular thing to do over there). They drink coffee out of a VENDING machine and it is fantastic. Yeah, for real. If that could have fit in my suitcase, I totally would have brought it back.

Anyway, I'm back from my brief Italian adventure (which actually felt about a month long) and mostly recovered from jetlag! You can catch up with the [beginning of the story here].

Our adventures started off with a lovely 3 hour delay in the Rochester airport but luckily we had enough time (a 7 hour layover at JFK) that everything worked out. Eventually we were on our way --- after an additional hour long wait on the runway there, the theme of this week was patience :).. and coffee. 

First off this plane was HUGE. We're talking flying skyscraper territory here. I think that might have been a result of having just flown on 3 dinky little planes from WI to ROC. But anyway, it was fantastically large and no one was sitting next to me so I took full advantage of laying down and sleeping being awake for the entire flight. 


The first day involved powering through the jetlag and exploring the (rather rainy) city. And eating. Except the majority of this trip required lots of eating. Three flavors of gelato? Followed by dinner an hour later? I think so. 


Below is a view of the river that passed just a few blocks down from our hotel. 

The city we stayed in (Treviso) is about 30 minutes by train away from Venice. It's a walled city with a river running around it so it has a very small city feel-- in fact after a few days there we would even recognize people we knew! Kind of an awesome feeling when you have just flown a quarter of the way across the world. 

My favorite part was all of the piazzas with restaurants and places for people to hang out. To the left is one of the main ones and they actually put up a giant Christmas tree.


Sunday after flying in and Monday were our two "free days". Sunday we spent exploring the city we were staying in and then Monday we ended up taking the train to Venice. Venice was one of those things where you get all hyped up about it.. huge city that is sinking, you'll get lost everytime you turn around, etc. Except kids, you can leave your scuba gear at home because it's not sinking... yet.

But you might want to bring your compass, unless you can make friends...We made a friend at the University of Venice who happened to have lived in Venice for 2 years and she kindly offered to take us on a tour of the city through some of the back parts that most tourists don't get it (or get lost in). Such a great idea, we didn't get lost once!


That super cool old building? Yeah that's the University of Venice. 

Definitely a fantastic experience, it was quite the adventure to tack on to the end of Thanksgiving break and it gave me a little insight to see what study abroad would look like. 

Next post I'll talk about what all we actually did in Treviso :)