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It's been awhile..

Jessica Quinn on Thursday, 12 April 2007. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

Well, I have definitely slacked off in the blogging dept lately! It's been a hectic..well couple months really.
To recap, here are some of the bad points of the last few months:
- smashing the front of my car into a light post. thank you ice.
- dishing out over 500 bucks to fix my lovely car.
- taking Biochem II online..bad decision on my part.
- losing like 20-3 to Ithaca
- having my identity stolen and finding out there are 2 credit cards in my name..not mine.
- being poor. are some of the good things:
- I'm doing great in all of my classes.
- I got an 82 on my biochem test..that was an accomplishment.
- Lacrosse is going well, and we have improved so much this year.
- My mom came to one of my games.
- I get to go to the bahamas in june!
- then i'm studying abroad in Croatia for 5 weeks!

Overall, my life has been a rollercoaster ride these past few weeks! There are no words to describe it. My lists barely even scratch the surface, but i dont want to bore you all with the details of my life. I miss my friends from home and my family like crazy lately..I'm just definitely ready for this year to be over..then its on to the last one! Only 5 more weeks..I'm not counting down or anythingWink.

So tomorrow is friday..thank goodness! I just want to keep the weeks going until summer is finally here! I love summer!