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it's christmas time...

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 20 December 2006.

winter quarter is keeping me very busy!!

i've already had three photo projects due. i've had three labs and one exam and one paper and two quizzes.

here in the townhouse, i've already mentioned the epic holiday season we are having so far. last weekend, we had a semi-formal dance party. a lot of my friends were there and fun was had by all. and we watched harry potter. don't know how it gets more epic than that.
tiffy and me christmas
there's me and tiffy hanging around

and now for the weather report. it's warm. there's no snow. that's about it. my mom brought me my sled and there's snow. LAME. it doesn't look like it's going to be a white christmas.

a good indicator of how busy i am in school is how messy my room is. all my stuff is on top of my bed right now and at night that just gets thrown on the floor. in the morning, i put it back on the bed while i sift through the pile for books and papers. BUT ALL THIS HARDWORK PAYS OFF. i made dean's list. yeah that's right.

i think i've reached a new level of laziness. i am debating whether or not to wash the tupperware that held my leftover mac and cheese or just make more now to save for tomorrow. all my friends are voting make more. we're smart kids.

life is:
making mac and cheese > cleaning my room > homework.

mmm three more days of this madness...i love it.