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It's still fun to get mail...

Kahle Toothill on Wednesday, 19 September 2007. Posted in Student Life

One worry many incoming (and current) students have is that they will find their on-campus mailbox empty from time to time (Oh no!). Believe me, you're going to miss all that junk mail you used to get at home - just for the sake of not having an empty mailbox. Credit card offers, useless coupons and other advertisements will stop showing up. Hopefully if you have some good friends with appealing stationary, you may find a special letter in that mailbox from time to time. "Holiday" packages from parents and best friends also add some spice to a rather ordinary trip to the mailroom.
Now that I've been in college for a while, I've outgrown the
"dorm mailboxes" and moved my way up into the "on-campus apartment mailboxes". Oooooh Ahhhh, right? Well, sort of. The letters from friends and care packages from parents naturally start to dwindle down over the years. That's when you take matters into your own hands.



Take my advice and order them online - you pay right then and there, usually get the best price for a year and you are GUARANTEED to get mail at least once a month. Not that I don't fully love pouring my heart and soul into my course textbooks, but the 400+ pages of times new roman font size 12 sometimes seem a bit monotonous. Magazines, on the other hand, are anything but ordinary compared to textbooks; and that's why I love them. I'm still engaging in an educational activity - reading while exploring and further educating myself on interests aside from school. I currently read 3 magazines: National Geographic Adventure (for the outdoorsy side of me), marie clare (for the girly side of me) and Business Week (for my newly acquired market curiosity). I think that is a fairly balanced diet of reading materials to keep me busy...

... until my subscriptions run out.