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i've got to admit it's getting better

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 23 January 2007.

there has been so much snow lately and it is wonderful. i love love love it. i just don't love love love when it's incredibly windy and i'm walking to my car.


week five tired me out like no other and i can't seem to recover. on top of having my portfolio to get ready, i had the added drama of mark's car breaking down and trying to get everything ready for housing renewal. i swear, there's more forms this time than when they first gave us the place.

in news that you may or may not care about, we are working on revamping the admissions blogs.
in news that you most likely don't care about, new vera bradley colors were officially released and on sunday i went out and got me a new bag.

sunday actually was pretty sweet. went to the mall. went out to dinosaur barbeque with some friends. i def recommend that place. the food was AMAZING. and cheap.

my parents found an apartment. it's tiny but i still get my own room and my own bathroom ANDDD my own walk in closet. they keep saying that the apartment is temporary. their grand plan is to buy some land and build. however, they're usually pretty slow. this is an exception but i think once they get down there and "settle in" they will be very slow about finding land and then getting everything they need and actually building. i mean, these are the same people who took eighteen months to pick out new living room furniture after getting rid of our old furniture. we had an empty living room for eighteen months. in the end, they wound up getting the first living room set that we had seen eighteen months before. similar things happened with kitchen counters and stuff during the bathroom remodeling. oh, and let's not forget the story about how when i was nine my dad said he was going to paint my room, he bought the paint when i was fourteen, painted the ceiling when i was sixteen, painted the walls a month before i left for college, and finished the trim sometime between thanksgiving and christmas. that rooms never getting finished. i hope the new owners enjoy brown doors, white trim, pink carpet, and orange walls.

well, i suppose it is time for bed. night night future RIT students who may be reading this.