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jerry whistles gold digger

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 16 February 2006.

nothing really new to report. it snowed. it got warm. it melted. wash, rinse, repeat.

we rearranged our room but we have yet to clean up afterwards so our little watching tv area in the back looks like a garbage dump.

there's so many things i have to do but i don't feel like doing them.

it's thursday, so that means b-dubs and RA nate might even come with us. he's a pretty cool dude.

one of the many kids from my town that goes to school here works at the computer help desk and since the office is getting new computers or upgrades or something i see him all the time. speaking of work, we got chinese food for lunch today. it was amazing.

if you're wondering about the title, jerry is a kid in my photo class. he whistles the song gold digger. who does that?

three songs you should really really listen to:
1. bowl of oranges
2. at the bottom of everything
3. come on eileen

i'm really excited to get my digital SLR.

now off to go procrastinate from doing my chores.