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Jake Ellis on Friday, 13 April 2018.

Let's talk about working on campus! Maybe you are looking to complete a work-study program or maybe you just want a little extra spending money while you are at RIT; there are tons of reason to get a job on campus at RIT and I wanted to talk about a couple! Nearly 60% of students will end up with an on-campus job before they graduate which means working is super common.


Job number 1: RIT Catering

Believe it or not, RIT has its own catering company! RIT Catering manages tons of events both on and off campus and they are always looking for people who are friendly, punctual, and ready to help bring food and drinks to some of the most exclusive RIT events! Lots of the events that RIT Catering handles take place on campus for art gallery openings, club and organization meetings, and even the annual president’s ball which gives you an awesome chance to meet new people ranging from faculty in some of RIT’s academic colleges all the way up to RIT’s current president! Catering also is responsible for lots of the food at the RIT hockey games so chances are that landing a job here means you will get to watch lots of games for free!


Job number 2: Note Taking

Because RIT shares a campus with NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf), many classes will require a designated Notetaker for some of our Deaf or Hard of Hearing students. People need to be very reliable for this position because you are not allowed to miss any classes. This person, normally a student, clocks in before their classes, takes notes on the lecture, submits the notes, and then clocks out. Because Notetakers work during their class time, you end up feeling like you are being paid to go to class and if you already take good notes then this might be the perfect job for you!


Job number 3: K-12 Outreach Ambassador

Do you love working with younger students? If you know how to have fun and are good at directing younger students then this job might be perfect for you! Outreach Ambassadors are responsible for showing high school students around campus and attending activities to help when schools take field trips to RIT. People working in this position get to work with new people almost every day and always look like they are enjoying themselves when I see them out and about on campus!


If you are coming to RIT and planning on getting a job, take a look at my three suggestions and you might just find that perfect job! If none of these appeal to you, there are many more options available. From being a lab assistant, to a research job, to being a student ambassador for admissions, or working as an office assistant, the perfect job isn't hard to find! Thanks for reading!