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Dual Degree Program: BS Industrial & Systems Engineering & ME Engineering Management (I applied to RIT through the Engineering Exploration Program)
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Making Your College Decision

Katy Wurman on Friday, 28 February 2014. Posted in Visiting RIT, Admissions Process

Now that the application process is complete, and you have patiently waited for your decision letters, you need to make the decision about where to attend in the fall! I can hardly believe it was five years ago that I was in your position – facing what I felt was one of the toughest decisions I would ever make. Maybe like some of you, I was not accepted to all of the schools I applied to; however, after a few tears shed, I looked at the bigger picture and realized I could still be very happy at other schools.

I highly recommend visiting the campuses. Schools can look great in pictures, but you will get a true feeling of the campus and the people when you visit.  Plus, campus visits are fun! I attended the spring Accepted Student Open House at RIT and I remembered how excited everyone was. It was a beautiful sunny spring day and the campus was so full of life. If any of you visited in the winter, and had second thoughts about RIT, I would really encourage you to come to an Accepted Student Open House. The campus is a totally different place when the weather is nice. I spent the day walking the campus, interacting with current students, and meeting other accepted students (some who were future classmates!) If you aren’t able to make it, then I encourage you to take advantage of the other resources RIT provides to help you make your decision:

Now, when comparing RIT to your other college options, I suggest making a list! Outline the positives and negatives of each campus experience. For me, writing things down allows me to organize my thoughts and make more informed decisions. Look at things like how safe you felt on the campus, how friendly people were, any current student perspectives, the opportunities for extracurricular activities, etc. Also don’t ignore your “gut feeling” about a school. For me, some schools just didn’t “feel right” when I visited.

Honestly, sometimes I think back on where I would be if I had picked another school and I really don’t know. All I know is RIT has been a great choice for me and I really don’t think another school would have fostered my success and provided me with the opportunities that RIT has. I have to say I couldn’t be happier with my decision 5 years ago to pick RIT. I have met amazing friends, learned a ton, worked for multiple companies on co-op, and have already accepted a job offer for June!

Basically, making the choice comes down to doing what is best for YOU and what feels right to YOU. Visiting the campus, talking with current students, and meeting other accepted students can aid in making that decision. When you are comfortable being yourself, like I am at RIT, it is easy to enjoy college and be successful.

This is an aside for any accepted students from Rochester, NY who may have second thoughts about RIT because it is close to home. I am from Rochester and always wanted to move away for college, and by picking RIT I couldn’t do that. Truthfully, I moved onto campus freshman year and have not lived at home since. Despite living so close to home, I have been able to develop my independence – while also getting a free home-cooked meal and every now and then J.  If this is one of the reasons RIT is not at the top of your list, I would reconsider.