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La Java

Alissa Anderson on Thursday, 05 February 2009. Posted in Dining, Student Life, Study Abroad

My favorite Thursday activity is to bring my laptop across campus at 8am so that after physics I can spend my time off in Java Wally's and take a break from my life of academics.  Java Wally's is the funky coffee shop located in the library. It is decorated with student artwork, massive amounts of flyers, and really crazy wallpaper on the back wall… They have a disco ball by the coffee bar, and live music on the weekends.  Today I am sitting on the back wall on a bench with my half hot chocolate half coffee mixer and a plain croissant from their bakery downtown. I'm plugged into my laptop rocking out to dispatch and emailing my parents because I am searching for a summer job! I was just thinking that Java’s is exactly how I imagined my study life in college… though I thought I would be in here to be with my reggae BF on my break form barista work…  (Totally just kidding)... but I do think that everyone needs to find a place on campus where they can do their work in a peaceful fashion, defiantly my number one tip for freshmen is to find your favorite study place. If you like to study, you wont mind doing work... and in turn do well in college, which is why we are here.  For myself I have several favorite places to work:  if I need to do creative work, like these beautiful blogs, I usually come to Javas’ to get the juices flowing; if I am working on something more structured like calculus I work in the library; and if I am going to do economics work I work at the Beanz coffee bar on the residential side. It is impossible to work in the dorms because once you walk in the door its like impulse shopping central because you HAVE to stop in every open door to say hi and my the time you get home its midnight and calculus will be put off until another day… I find that if I need to do work I plug myself in on the academic side and roll out all my work before I cross the quarter mile to go home. 

Top favorites at Java’s:
Hot drink: half coffee, half hot chocolate
Cold Drink: Kinky reggae
Flyer that I can see on the wall from where I am sitting: RAIL JAM Friday
Painting: The Anthony Kiedis portrait (Or the shark hanging from the ceiling…)