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Land, Sea, and Summits

Jeff Maher on Monday, 25 September 2006. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

For the first time since I got school, I managed to fit in a trip to Lake George for the IOCA (Intercollegiate Outing Club Association) fall meet. For those not familiar with the organization, IOCA is basically a collection of many college outing clubs in the US (but particularly the northeast) and any trip that has more than three different clubs is considered an IOCA trip. To kick off each school year, the RPI Outing Club annually hosts a conference at Lake George. Fall Lake George, as the event is called, consists of about 250 college students converging by boat on Turtle Island Friday night. On Saturday, people go hiking, cliff jumping, boating, climbing - you name it, someone is doing it. Then at night, there is a big cookout followed by a square dance.Myself, nine other RIT students, and the Outing Club's canoes set off towards Lake George Friday afternoon. Since traffic along I-90 was pretty congested, most of us didn't get in until night and we wound up canoeing the two miles to Turtle Island in the dark with glow sticks strapped to our life vests. My canoeing partner, Joe, and I managed to hop in our canoe backwards, so we had a tough, but amusing battle getting over to the island. Once there, we joined up with the rest of the RIT folks and met some people from several other colleges.

Saturday was when the real fun took place. After a brief hike around Turtle Island in the rain, most of us from RIT decided to set out in canoes to hike one of the mountains across the way. Initially, it was extremely foggy and despite hitting two of the summits, we couldn't really see all that much. However, the wind kicked in full blast on the way back and cleared all the moisture out of the air - resulting in a stellar view that you can see in one of the pictures below.

Saturday night was somewhat of a bummer though. Weather reports for Sunday were turning for the worst, with 50 MPH winds expected in the morning. This meant that if we wanted to leave before Monday, we had to leave that night. The cookout and the square dance still happened, but we left just before the square dance since the water was already getting really choppy.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip with good company, and my belief that the Adirondacks (where Lake George is located) continues to be one of the best reasons to be in New York state was only reinforced.

Group Shot at the Second Summit
Group shot at the second summit of our hike
(Left to Right)
Front: Jeff (Me) and Baxter
Back: Carter, Joe, Val, Lauren, Andrew, and Zach

Lake George - Amazing!
Me looking down at Lake George
(Turtle Island is the rightmost in the water)