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Last Day Here!

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 21 December 2006.

Okay folks here it is I leave tomorrow afternoon and I am brining home 2 other people. YAY! That means the cost wont be too much for, very happy I cant believe I lucked out like that. I am dropping them off in CT though, so it is outta my a way bit but hey they needed rides when school ends in a few days, so I thought to myself “Self..Your a nice guy, help them out..come on self you know you want to”. So I did the honorable thing and am dropping them off.

WOW 342 is an intense class the labs take forever, so unlike 340. Most people are not finishing the labs and therefore they are having to go to the lab in open hours, and due to that the labs are packed with people frantically attempting finishing their labs. I someone managed to finish even with a busted NIC card for 45 minutes. So my partner and I split up the 10 activities, as opposed to do them together as instructed and we beat half the class. YES! We RULE! Haha!

So for the Dotes Kick Butt Song of the week it will change a bit this week, I really like Lewis Black, so I am going to link you to some video’s of his. I love his On Broadway performance. Here you go and enjoy it.