Last Quarter Ever

Christina Brooks on Monday, 18 March 2013. Posted in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Student Life

So this is my last quarter here at RIT. No, I'm not graduating, because it's everyone's last quarter. Just incase you didn't know, next year (Fall 2013), RIT is switching to the semester system. Meaning that this Spring quarter is the last quarter ever at RIT.


Yea sure, we all complain about the quarter system. It's really fast paced, our break schedule is sometimes drastically different from other colleges, and we have to take midterms/finals 3 times a year. But to be honest, I've grown to love the quarter system. Okay, maybe love is a little strong, but I do enjoy it! Think about it, you get to take 3 different sets of classes a year, and if you really don't like a class, you only have 10 weeks of it (unlike the 15 we'll have in semesters).


All in all though, I'm interested to see how semesters will be. It will definitely be a change for those of us who are so used to the quarter system. But having a long winter break and having the rest of our breaks aligned with other colleges will definitely be nice too.


But for now, I'm going to enjoy the quarters while they still last!


For more information on the semester conversion, click here!


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