Last Year's Summer & Advice

Christina Brooks on Wednesday, 29 June 2011. Posted in Student Life

Last year at this time I was anxiously waiting to start at RIT. I stalked the RIT Accepted Students group on Facebook literally everyday and read everything I could about RIT before coming. Even while cashiering at Target last summer I would randomly daydream about the college life. 

Yup, and now I sound super wierd. But hey, I was really excied! =)

To everyone that is coming to RIT this coming fall- Welcome! College is awesome and I hope you all will enjoy your first year at RIT as much as I did! Prepare to work hard in your classes, but trust me, it's really rewarding.

Here's some advice I was given, or wish I had, before my first year of college:

-Step out of your comfort zone, try something new and hang out with people you usually wouldn't hang out with, you could be surprised!
-Go to some RIT sponsored events! Especilly the hockey games. And the events during Orientation are pretty fun too!
-Stay up all night atleast once. No, not for a schoolwork all-nighter because I'm sure plenty of you will do that anyway, but on a weekend. Do it just because you can with all of your friends right there. I suggest one of the first weeks of the quarter before schoolwork piles up. =)
-Get involved! If that means clubs, a job, or just going to many different RIT events, then do it! Whatever works for you! It's a great way to meet people and get connected to campus!
-Bring an umbrella.
-And finally, have fun! =)

If any of you have any questions at all post 'em in the RIT Accepted Students-2011 facebook group and we'll answer them for you! 
You can also comment below and I can answer (or get someone who knows the answer) to reply to you!

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