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Late post because I fell asleep

Arthur Johnston on Tuesday, 19 September 2006. Posted in Athletics, Clubs, Rochester & Monroe County

I was going to post this yesterday but I fell asleep write after I wrote it.

I haven't updated over this weekend pretty much because this weekend was pretty full. Student government ran a leadership training course this weekend. Saturday was the ropes course to learn teamwork and Sunday was the lectures. I actually missed part of Saturday's ropes course because right beforehand I had crew practice. The Eerie canal runs by the campus so our coach decided to row on that on Saturday. Now it wasn't the first time I had rowed on the Eerie Canal but it's kind of cool to realize halfway through practice that you're rowing on a famous national site. Anyway after practice I went straight to the ropes course, which involved going down a zip line, swinging on a rope and clambering over nets. So the ropes course ran until about 5:30. After that I was kinda bushed so I rented Blue Collar Comedy Tour. For resting this was a bad idea since I laughed so hard that my sides hurt on Sunday.

This morning we were practicing in the varsity weight room and we got to max lift the bench press bar. This is one of those fun tests because you just get to see how many times you can put up the bar with no weight on it. The reason I think it's fun is because you can sometimes get some preposterous results and it takes some people forever to reach exhaustion. I got to 100 before I got bored of doing it and most people on the team broke 80.