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Lazy River as a Wellness Course...

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 18 February 2009. Posted in Athletics, Co-op, Coursework, Student Life

I sat in on the unofficial accepted students chat last weekend as well helped out with the Chat/Phone power a few weeks ago so I’ve heard lots of questions. I thought I’d take some time to answer a few of those on here. This will by no means cover everything you need so feel free to checkout the links and if you want things explained more, just ask!

What’s a co-op?

“Co-op is a full-time paid work experience directly related to your course of study and career interests”

Co-op’s vary from major to major and some programs require them while others don’t. Unlike an internship that you might do when you go home during the summer, a co-op can happen at any point during the year.  There are career fairs during the year hosted by RIT where companies come to the Field House and you can hear about what they do and potentially set up interviews. You don’t have to worry about co-op’s typically until after your second year but it’s a good thing to keep in the back of your mind!

Someone on my tour asked “can you take lazy river as a gym course”?

Sorry if I got you excited with the title... while “the lazy river” is not a gym course, there are plenty of other fun things to do. Try igloo building, fresh water fly-fishing, piyo, dodgeball, yoga, ballroom dance, irish step dance, fencing and tons of other choices!   Also related to this topic was the question “Is the pool open at night.” The answer is yes, the pool is open from 7 until 10:30 every night as well as other times throughoutthe day. A complete list of recreational facility times is

In case you were not previously aware, yes there is, in fact,a lazy river here at RIT as well as a 25 person hot tub!


(picture of the outside of the Student Life Center as seen from the quarter mile)

Can I go from my dorm to my classes without going outside?

Unfortunately, no. While there are tunnels connecting all ofthe residence halls, there are no tunnels connecting the residential and academic sides of campus. But not to worry it’s really not that bad! From the dorms it usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to get anywhere. As mentioned in my last post, wear a coat and you’ll be fine! I actually find thatI enjoy the walk to and from class because it gives me some time outside to relax between classes, homework or whatever else that I’m doing.



(picture of the quarter mile in the snow!) 



(picture of Sol's in the tunnels. Sols is like a mini grocery store with basic school supplies, drinks, magazines, bathroom products  and games as well as delicious milkshakes, wraps and quesadillas!)


(one of the really cool things about the tunnels is all of the artwork on the walls that is done by various students and student run organizations! i'll have to do a more complete post about the tunnels at a later time)

How much time do you usually spend on homework?

It really depends. For a typical art studio class I usually spend between 5 and 15 hours a week depending on the project. A project can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks so I’d probably spend 30 to 40 hours max on it.  Again, it sounds worse than it actually is. The 40 hours includes both in and out of class time and if you’re really into a project the time will go by really quickly!

As for non-art classes like liberal arts, it ranges from 4to 6 hours a week based on the amount of reading required or papers that are due.

The thing about college work is, we’re all here because we want to be. If you’ve picked a major that you really enjoy, you won’t mind doing the work. Sure, there are those pesky classes that you have to take but it’s school after all we’re supposed to be learning here!

Can I register for the Accepted Students Open House online?

Yes! There will be an accepted student open house on March27th and April 3rd. You can visit register! We’re looking forward to seeing you.


Any more questions? Feel free to leave comments!

ps: Sorry Amanda for accidentally stealing your title! Whoops :)