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Leadership and Community Service at RIT

Christina Maragioglio on Thursday, 27 March 2014. Posted in Community Service

I know that if I learned one thing during the college application process, it was the importance of leadership and community service. These two attributes have a huge impact on how well-rounded and driven you appear to colleges and even encourage you to get involved and help others! But, now that application deadlines have come and gone, you may be asking yourself if people in the “real world” emphasize little things like organizing a bake sale for a club or helping to pick up trash for a local Adopt-a-Highway program as much as your high school guidance counselor did. The truth is that, once students get into college, some begin to shy away from these activities and shift their focus to different things. However, if you are a person who loves to help out or learn how to become a better leader, these qualities will definitely set you apart in the eyes of future employers! In order to encourage students to get involved in community service and leadership, RIT offers amazing opportunities to attend workshops, join clubs, rush a sorority or fraternity, as well as many others! Here is a little cheat sheet to help you get to know some of the most popular ways to dive into Leadership training and Community Service on campus.

RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center: If you are looking for leadership training or large-scale community outreach, then this is the place to go! There are 6 leadership certificates offered which involve attending workshops to learn different aspects of leadership and networking at round table luncheons. They also hold leadership retreats and the Connectology Leadership conference! Emails are sent out periodically offering open community service positions and details about their programs, so keep an eye out!

Clubs: If you have a specific type of community service in mind, odds are there is a club to suit your needs! There are cause-specific clubs such as Colleges Against Cancer and RIT Ambulance. Did you absolutely love a club in high school and wish there was something similar at RIT? It may be here already! RIT has Circle K, which is the college version of Key Club and volunteers at a local animal hospital, a daycare center on campus and holds many other events in the Rochester-Henrietta area, and FIRST Robotics, where students mentor local high school robotics teams throughout the build and competition seasons. Did you look through all of the clubs at RIT and still not find the perfect one? Then, why not create it? If you have a group of friends and an idea, you can start a club at RIT! The possibilities are endless.

Greek Life: RIT offers a large variety of Greek organizations ranging from social to professional and service fraternities and sororities! Each chapter has its own philanthropy cause which they hold events for throughout the year. These causes range from Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropy, Push America, which increases awareness for and assists people with disabilities to one of Delta Phi Epsilon’s philanthropies, National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders (ANAD), which is dedicated to assisting the recovery of patients with eating disorders. If you do a little research, there is bound to be a cause that you are passionate about!              

Remember, leadership and community involvement does not have to stop after high school. There are plenty of opportunities at RIT to get involved and really grow during your time here. Take advantage of them!