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Leadership Opportunities in Greek Life

Alissa Anderson on Sunday, 13 June 2010. Posted in Clubs, Community Service, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Life After RIT, Orientation, Student Life, Women at RIT

Through my involvement in the Greek community at RIT, I havediscovered that the experience never ends with bid-day and the initiation into thechapter of your dreams. I found that after my first year of involvement in ZetaTau Alpha, I was looking to broaden my network and get involved in a largerpart of the Greek community.

 I started to attend Greek Council meetings with my chapterpresident. During these meetings the GC executive board are joined by thechapter presidents on campus at the “presidents round table” to discussGreek-community issues, upcoming events, and even our effect on the RITcommunity. Because the Greek community has such a large presence on campus, weare considered a major student organization on campus (MSO) and are grantedvoting privileges at Student Government meetings. Therefore, GC meetings areoften composed of school issues – such as the vote to change from quarters tosemesters.

One of the executive board positions is the Order of OmegaPresident. The Order is similar to the “National Honors Society” you may findin high school. It is composed of the elite members of the Greek community intheir junior of senior years that have shown strong academic records,leadership skills, and community service involvement. The Order is responsiblefor the scholarship goals for the Greek community and setting a leadershipexample for the chapters.

So for those of you looking for more reasons to go GREEK,just remember that it is more then just your chapter – there is a community of 30+ other fraternities and sororities, and further leadership opportunities.

Recruitment week is week two of fall quarter! I will havemore posts about the system and how to register and survive recruitment as thesummer goes on, but if you have any questions about Greek Life at RIT just post them on this blog and Iwill be sure to answer!

More information can be found at

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