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Learning During... the Summer!?

Kevin Granger on Saturday, 29 June 2013. Posted in Coursework

When you major in a field of study that interests you, in a field that’s your passion, learning or doing work hardly feels like it. It feels far more rewarding.


I’m lucky enough to feel that way about my major. But I’ve been in the major only one year, so going into the summer, I didn’t want to stop learning! This is a feeling that a lot of others share. How do you continue your learning when away from school?

Solution 1: Don’t go away from school.


A lot of people stay at school for the summer and take classes. However, that’s not always a feasible solution.

Solution 2: Online learning!


There’s a lot of great online resources out there for learning new skills, or sharpening current ones. As a developer, I’ve got a list of sites for learning programming. -- perhaps one of the more famous ones. -- not everything’s free, but their free content is still pretty good. -- More than just programming! Tons of stuff!

I myself will be working on my own personal portfolio site, flexing my HTML, CSS and Javascript skills. I’m also working on a side project that will use a Python-based backend, so I’m teaching myself the language using some of the above sites.

Now, I’m obviously a little computer-biased. But in other majors, people will do all sorts of different things. Art students can work on independent projects. Students in research-based programs may look to internships. And of course, many students just look to relax during the summer. But we all know they’ll be itching to get back to RIT in no time.

So, how do you keep your learning going outside of school?