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Less than 100 Days 'til Graduation!

Lauren Szigetvari on Monday, 20 February 2017. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

So, I’m less than 100 days away from graduation and I’m a mixed ball of emotions. RIT has been the high education learning I’ve always hoped for. The resources I have received have been like no other, the jobs I’ve had on campus have made me a better speaker and person. There will be tons of things on campus and in Rochester that I will miss, so here’s my top three! 

1. The People:

I will truly miss the RIT community. Here you can literally be whoever or whatever you want. Want to wear a dinosaur costume on a Tuesday? Go ahead, no one will judge you. I’ve met some of the coolest people here as well, people whom I also like to call my friends. When beginning college, you’ll notice that you will phase out of your high school friends (not in all circumstances, I’m still best friends with mine) and you’ll start to find your new group of friends and people you want to surround yourself with. I would say 80 percent of my friends are from RIT CIAS! 

2. The Facilities:

I have the honor of being a student in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. Like many of the colleges on campus, the facilities in the buildings that host this college are insanely amazing. The photo cage is basically a dream. The cage has tons of cameras from film to digital, a variety of brands, lighting, light modifiers, tripods, microphones and recorders, and literally anything else you can dream of. I am so blessed that I got to use this for four years and I will probably miss it more than anything. 

3. The Professors: 

I’ve had some amazing professors here at RIT, and not all of them were necessarily in CIAS. My minor is Advertising and Public Relations and the professors in COLA are hilarious and make class seem to go by super quick. In CIAS, some of the professors are still in the industry- one of my professors has photographed JayZ (!!!!) and some just have this amazing knowledge of photography that I don’t think I could get anywhere besides RIT. Also, I’ve been a teachers assistant for the past two semesters and working with these two professors has been such a privilege, manly because I would love to come back to RIT and be a professor! 

If you’re in the RIT system already or just starting out, you’ll understand this blog when you’re in your last semester. I know I’ll start to cry once May is upon us, but I'll be a proud Tiger always!