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Lessons learned with sleepless nights

Simran Makker on Thursday, 13 November 2014. Posted in Student Life

Midterms and projects have been attacking us here for a couple of weeks. These few weeks have been full of stress and a lot of sleepless nights. However, with every all nighter comes a lesson! This week I did not sleep for two nights… straight. During the beginning of the week, I had a midterm in my marketing class. I had prepared the notes earlier during the weekend but I did not feel prepared enough for the exam. It was multiple choice with a lot of memorization so I wanted to review once more. I ended up not sleeping and just preparing because I just felt inadequate in my preparation. So I went into the test with no sleep and it took me long time to process each question on the exam! In my opinion I think I did really well. I was so exhausted after the exam but my day was not over. On Wednesday I had a photoshoot of 500 images due. Of course, I procrastinated! I ended up staying up all night on Tuesday to get it all ready to print! I was so exhausted that I ended up getting a fever when I woke up on Wednesday and unfortunately had to miss class. So in the end, you go through these experiences to learn lessons for the future. Do not procrastinate is definitely one of them. Also, do not leave anything to the end. Another one is do not think you are not well prepared if you already studied!