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Let's Hangout!

Erin Supinka on Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Posted in Visiting RIT, RIT Behind The Scenes, Student Life

Tomorrow, 03/14/13, the #RITstudents will be hosting another Google Hangout for students from 8-9pm! You'll be able to chat or ask us questions about RIT, campus life, etc.

For those who might not be familiar with Google Hangouts or even if you, we're going to be running ours a little bit different then what you might be used to. A Google Hangout is a video chat that allows up to 10 people to chat with each other all at once. However, running a Hangout with 10 people not only would be a crazy, disorganized venture, it also would limit the amount of people who could participate and we definitely do not want that.

So it'll be just Megan, Jacob, Kevin/Daniel (they're still figuring out their lives) and then me as a host or moderator. We stream the Hangout live to our YouTube channel so you can see us real time. This way, you can ask us a question and we can answer it right away.

But wait...THERE'S MORE!

Since we are all about including as many people as possibly and making sure everyone has a way to access this, we've set up a page, here, that allows you chat not only with us, but with the other viewers of the Hangout. This also eliminates viewers (you guys) needing to be logged in to any of your social media accounts. Yay! You can still sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account or you can just sign in as a guest.

We're excited to chat with you guys so make sure you stop by for at least a little!

So don't forget, 8pm to chat with some #RITstudents, We'll be there until 9 =) 

As always, check out my Twitter or follow #RITstudents on Twitter to see what I and the rest of the gang is up to.