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Nirav Sanghvi on Wednesday, 04 March 2015. Posted in Athletics

I have always wondered if I could ever like a sport to an extent that I’d go to watch each and every game live. I have always known myself to be a person who does not mind watching sports, but prefer participating in them more.

Turns out I can. I have been going to RIT men’s hockey for last two semesters now and it has been a wonderful experience. I still watched the games for the team and not the sport. I want to support a sport that is important to RIT community especially after the new hockey stadium, the Gene Polisseni Center, opened last fall.

Today, RIT’s men’s hockey is doing exceptionally well; they have secured No. 3 seed in the Atlantic Hockey Tournament with an overtime win over Mercyhurst last weekend. 

Apart from the fact that RIT men’s hockey team is competitive and better than a lot of schools in the area, one thing that keeps me on the hook is the CORNER CREW! They are the ones who bring the energy and spirit to the game. They remind the other audiences how significant it is to show RIT tiger pride for the team to win. Screaming “LET’S GO TIGERS” at the top of our lungs is just one cheer you’ll hear from the amazingly synchronized Corner Crew.

Hockey games are somehow making me more enthusiastic and patriotic about RIT. They also refresh my mind from studying and give me a chance to be loud!