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Life in the Dorms

Jo Qiao on Monday, 10 April 2017. Posted in Residence Life

Your room

Most likely, you will share a room with other roommates in a double, a triple, or a quad room. The double rooms usually have 2 sizes: rectangular, 17 feet long by 10 feet wide or square, 12 feet by 14 feet wide. Each room comes with a desk, a chair, a bed, a mattress, and a drawer (as well as closet space). You can bring other furniture if you prefer to have them in your room.  The triple room and quad rooms have more space and tend to be more social.

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Coming to college, you learn to share the room with others. It’s a nice thing to have roommates. You can eat meals with them, you always have people around to talk to, or you guys might even become best friends. However, sharing the space with someone can become challenging. The best ways to solve problems are through effective communications and avoiding passive aggressive methods. In the beginning of the school year, your RA will give you a Roommate Agreement. Don’t overlook this agreement. If you get into some conflicts with your roommate, this agreement is what you will base-off-of. You can always revisit the agreement with your roommate (roommates). Also, don’t feel bad to ask help from your RAs. They are there to help your first-year residential living experience. 



The bathroom

The bathroom is shared either with your floor mates or with your suite mates if you live in a suite style room layout. The bathroom is not co-ed, so don't worry! You also need a shower caddy and shower shoes (slippers) for showering. The shower stalls have a stall door on the outside, and another curtain on the inside, for a little more privacy.


The lounge

The lounge is where people hang out or study. Each floor at least has 1 lounge. Dorms do not typically have a kitchen, but there is a microwave in each lounge that you can use, just don’t set off the fire alarms at 3 am in the morning. If you are really in the mood to cook, there are a few kitchens in residence halls that can be signed out in advance. 

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The laundry facilities

Laundry rooms are located in the tunnel of each dorm. Some dorms share one laundry room, and others have their own laundry room. You don’t need coins for doing laundry, it’s FREE! Although you will need to have your own laundry supplies. 


The tunnels

The dorm side of RIT is all connected through tunnels, so students don’t need to go outside in the winter for groceries and food. There are so many beautiful murals created by students in the tunnels that you can check out. Also, the main convenience stores are in the tunnels as well- corner store and sol’s underground. There is also a post office and all the mailboxes across to the corner store in the tunnel. 


Special interest housing and life style floors

You don’t have to feel obligated to apply for special interest housing. It’s fun to live on one. You will find people who have similar interests as you and usually these floors are more social. There are dues involved as living on special interest floor and some floors have kitchens (i-house and study abroad floor). You can find more information on each special interest floor at: