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Living in Global Village

Melody Kelly on Wednesday, 16 January 2013. Posted in Residence Life

Who should I live with? Where should I live? A few decisions had to be made before I started my second year at RIT. As housing selection neared my freshman year, I talked to my roommate, and we made a list of our top housing choices. One of our choices was Global Village.

Global Village is the newest residential complex on campus. The suites have 5 bedrooms. Four of them are singles, and one is a double. There are two bathrooms and one living room to a suite. Some suites have kitchens. For those without kitchens, there are community kitchens on the first floor of every building.

When the housing selection was complete, my freshman year roommate and I had been placed into a Global Village double, so we’d be sharing rooms again. I was glad to know someone, but I wondered what it would be like sharing a suite with 4 other girls that I had yet to meet. So far, everything has been working out great. We’re all very different people, but we get along and split the duties of maintaining our suite, like buying hand soap and cleaning up the common areas. If needed, we leave sticky notes to let suitemates know it’s their turn to clean up, just because it’s difficult to catch all six of us at home at once.

This year, I helped a suitemate celebrate her very first Halloween. After a few trips back to the costume shop and some dark makeup, she was ready to scare some candy out of unsuspecting victims. Four of us, a vampire, an Egyptian goddess, a pirate, and a fairy, set off from our suite for a day of Halloween festivities.

Overall, I am happy about living in Global Village. It’s a great location, and it’s been fun meeting new people who are very different from myself. I’m looking forward to new experiences in Global Village that have yet to come.