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Living in the Dorms

Danielle Nutter on Monday, 05 April 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Residence Life

I have to say the weather we have been having here in Rochester is gorgeous. One thing that I was afraid of moving to Rochester was the winter my parents said we would get a lot of snow, but really it wasn’t bad at all. It snowed a decent amount but never got in the way. It was really cold for a few days but it was manageable. RIT is really good about clearing snow so you don’t have to worry about getting to class. I guess that can be a good or bad thing haha.

Anyways the last time I posted I was writing about some ideas for making the college process easier. And I said I would post a pic of my room, hereare some from the first few weeks of school, they give a good idea of the space you have to work with...



I don’t mind the dorms. I guess it is something that you have to experience at any college you go to. I don’t find my room is too small; it has a closet area and cubby shelves. The dressers can fit crazy amount of clothes, and the beds can be set up in many different ways. So far I have rearranged my room about three times, just for fun. The most challenging thing for me is having a roommate. I always had my own room and I thought having a roommate would be hard for me. I found out who my roommate was over the summer and we were able to coordinate who was bringing what, which was very helpful and saved money. During the first week of school we met and everything was fine. After fall quarter our schedules collided a bit so we decided to switch roommates to make it easier for the both of us to get work done. So I moved two doors down the hall. Now everything’s great, my new roommate is nice and I like her a lot. The switch was really easy too; it only took a day or so for us to get the ok from the res-hall offices. I think RIT wants its students to be comfortable here and tries to accommodate everyone.

Also on some of my posts I had some questions regarding Rochester, and how safe I think it is at RIT. Truthfully I feel really safe here. RIT isn’t in Rochester it is in Henrietta which is a suburb off of Rochester. It is a lot quieter here, and I think it is a lot safer. Also Rochester isn’t far away, so you can still enjoy the downtown. There are plenty of great restraunts in the area, and a movie theater. The mall and grocery store are about five minutes away. I love it, on and off campus because there’s always something to do.