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Living on Top of the World, or at Least Global Village

Becky Drexler on Wednesday, 22 October 2014. Posted in Residence Life

It’s that time of the year where people are beginning to think about housing for next year (early right?). A lot of freshmen have been asking me about my housing in Global Village. 

All in all, I would recommend Global Village to current freshmen. Global is mainly for second-year housing, but there are a few upperclassmen still living there. You still have an RA, but they are slightly less involved than in the residence halls.

Living in global is a nice transition from residence halls to an actual apartment. It’s a little less social on the floors in global village – most people keep the doors to their suite closed. I have amazing suitemates, so I really don’t mind the less socialization on the floor. If you do not know your own suitemates that well, or don’t see them, it can feel a little lonely – just a heads up.

As for the actual housing… There are three buildings in global with housing. The yellow building right above the heart of Global Village is 400. I live on the fourth floor of 400, overlooking Global Village. Behind 400 are two red buildings - 403 and 404. There is also free laundry on the first floor, similar to the residence halls.

Most of the suites are designed for 6 people - 4 singles and 1 double. There are a few suites however that only have four people in them. Suites are single sex and the floors are coed. Between the six of you, you share two bathrooms, each of which is also divided. So there is a room for a shower/tub, a sink outside, and another room with a toilet. This layout is nice because you don’t have to wait to brush your teeth or something while someone is taking a shower. There is also a common area with a sectional couch and some other basic furniture (yes, global village is fully furnished). Half of all the suites in global village have a full kitchen as well (stove/oven, fridge, microwave, counterpace, and cabinet).

We do in fact have a kitchen on our suite and absolutely love it. I buy a lot of my own groceries on campus, or off campus at Wegman’s, and cook most of my meals. I have a meal plan for on campus groceries, or those days where I’m tight on time or just to too lazy to cook.

Global Village is a nice place to eat, shop, or just relax near the academic side. I like to sit by the fire pit on cool fall nights. As far as food goes, there is Salsarita’s, Crossroads, Midnight Oil, and the Global Market.  Also located in Global Village is the Post office, ShearOne Global (a hair salon), ShopOne2 (which sells fine art and crafts made by faculty and alumni), and a fitness center. There are plenty of tables and seating outside for nice days. It is very convenient; everything you could need is right outside.